Mississippi Blues & Civil Rights

Mississippi Blues & Civil Rights

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Blues & Civil Rights

Mississippi, The Magnolia State, situated in the deep south of the United States, is an intriguing destination. It is a state where African Americans suffered heavily from the slave trade, their exploitation on the countless, hot, cotton plantations, the killings of the Ku Klux Klan, and the government's apartheid policies. It was in Mississippi that the blues was born, the music that has had such a big influence on all the popular music that came after it.

`The Blues had a baby and they called it Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (Muddy Waters)
‘I know why the best blues artists come from Mississippi. Because it's the worst state’ (John Lee Hooker)

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This Odyssee Travel Guidebook, Mississippi: Blues & Civil Rights considers the state’s history of slavery, racism, the struggle for civil rights and the music that bears witness to those struggles. While traveling, you will experience the past, present and future of the blues in museums and historical places, but also at festivals and in clubs, cafes and juke joints where the blues is alive and attracting a new audience.

Civil rights museums, demonstrations, boycotts and sit-ins in small towns and large cities tell the story of resistance and hope, a story that resonates in the blues. This guide also describes New Orleans, Louisiana and Memphis, Tennessee, two other cities associated importantly with both Mississippi's blues and the struggle for civil rights.

Mississippi Blues & Civil Rights

by Leo Platvoet
€ 22,50 |  $ 27,50 | £ 20,50
ISBN: 9789461231291
Published: 1 January 2021
Size: 12,9 x 19,8 cm 
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Er is ook een Nederlandstalige editie van de gids verkrijgbaar.

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